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Endometriosis Millennium Fund

The RCOG is proud to support the organising committee of the world Congress of Endometriosis who through generous donation, have established the Endometriosis Millennium Fund.



Available to RCOG Members and Trainees working in the UK and Republic of Ireland, the RCOG is able to offer up to £5,000 in order to stimulate and encourage research (clinical or laboratory based) in the field of endometriosis.



The Fund is available to RCOG members and trainees working in the British Isles.

Applications are invited for the following:

  • To provide monies to fund a pilot project, clinical or laboratory based  in the field of endometriosis, or to provide monies to fund an extension of an existing project researching endometriosis, or
  • To provide a contribution towards a travelling fellowship to attend a recognised training centre, preferably overseas, to obtain surgical training in the management of cases of endometriosis, beyond the skills expected of core training.



If the application is for travel funding, travel must take place within 12 months of the award being made.

The award may only be used for the purpose outlines in your original application

Clinicians are encouraged, with the use of the funds to acquire extra clinical skills in order to more efficiently manage patients with the disease.


How to apply

Please complete the online application via Oxford Abstracts.

This application is hosted by Oxford Abstracts platform.

Please register for an account using your email address.

For further guidance on how to submit your application, please see Oxford Abstracts' guidance on making a submission.

The deadline for applications is Thursday 13 May 2021


How your application will be judged

Your application will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Programme details
  • Objectives
  • Benefits

The winning applicant will be invited to receive their certificate at RCOG’s Annual Academic Meeting.



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