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RCOG National Trainer Award

The RCOG awards for excellence in training recognise and reward individuals who have attained a high level of achievement


Each regional trainees’ committee chair will have the responsibility to nominate a trainer of the year from their region. It is for individual regional chairs to decide the process for selecting their nominations for the national awards, however the regional processes should be transparent and published in the public domain. Awards should be for a contribution to training above and beyond that required by any formal role held by the trainer (e.g. head of school, training programme director, college tutor etc.).


Regional selection

Each regional trainee’s committee chair is invited to nominate one individual to be considered for national O&G trainer of the year. The nominated individual may be from any background in the multidisciplinary team (e.g. midwifery, nursing, radiography, or another speciality trainee). Awards should be for a contribution to training above and beyond that required by any formal educational or commercial role the trainer holds (e.g. head of school, training programme director, college tutor, commercial course convener etc.).

Trainers are not be permitted to self nominate. It is proposed that all regional trainees will be invited to nominate a trainer for consideration of national nomination. All trainers must be nominated by a minimum of two trainees. The process for local nomination is at the discretion of the local trainees committee.

It is suggested a panel of trainees and lay members review the submission to decide which trainer should be selected for national nomination. Once a regional trainer of the year is selected the regional trainees’ committee chair will be responsible for submitting a national nomination. 

Submissions will be considered in the following categories, therefore it is recommended that trainees are alerted to these when considering individuals to nominate. This should also be considered by the trainees’ committee when producing the statement for their selected nomination. It is recognised that individuals will not be expected to have involvement in all of the following areas and this should not preclude nomination.

  • Clinical training provision
  • Non clinical training provision
  • Regional training provision
  • Contribution to individual trainees
  • Improving the training skills of others
  • Developing simulation training
  • National, regional or local training initiatives
  • Helping trainees with difficulties or mentoring to help trainees


National selection

The trainers nominated by each region will be reviewed by a panel of trainees, consultants (not eligible to apply) and lay members. It is recognised that the achievements of the nominated trainers will varying considerably in nature and that a formalised scoring system would not be appropriate. The award winner will therefore be selected by the consensus global opinion of the panel.


RCOG National Trainer of the Year Award

2019 Winner

Maggi Srinivasan (West Midlands) was awarded the RCOG National Trainer of the Year Award.

Runners up

  • Deepa Janga (London NE/C)
  • Mary Murnaghan (Northern Ireland)
  • Lilian Ugwumadu (KSS)

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