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RCOG National Trainer of the Year Award 2018

The winner of the 4th annual RCOG Trainer of the Year Award is Ms Elisabeth Peregrine. This award is given to those who are recognised to go over and above any formal role they may have.

Education of trainees is vital to ensuring future quality in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Ms Elisabeth Peregrine’s hard work and devotion to training is inspiring and greatly appreciated by those she teaches. Her hard work to improve her unit's training had a positive impact upon trainees and this is recognised in her nomination.


Statement of nomination from the London South trainees

Since Ms Peregrine took on the role of college tutor after her trust had a poor GMC survey report in 2015-2016, she has absolutely thrown herself into the role and has gone above and beyond to ensure that all of the trainees at the hospital are receiving the best possible training.  She has set up monthly trainee forums, where she meets with all of the trainees in an informal setting to address problems and get feedback which she minutes herself and sends around to all trainees and consultants.  She has secured an hour a week of protected teaching time, and has set up a rota for the consultants to teach the trainees during this time on topics which fit with learning needs and the RCOG curriculum.  She has also ensured that the trainees all get fortnightly CTG teaching.

The recent GMC survey for Ms Peregrine’s unit has been outstanding with all ‘greens’ and very happy trainees. She has been asked to give talks to other departments on how to achieve similar successes.

In the run up to any assessment, exam or ARCPs, Ms Peregrine goes above and beyond  to meet with the trainee and go through their personal development plans, e-portfolio or talk through any concerns or issues they might have at the time.

Ms Peregrine also oversees the junior doctors’ rotas, and has made herself available on a pretty much 24 hour basis to deal with any problems which arise.  This has included being contactable by phone and e-mail whilst on holiday.  Every 6 months she gives a gift (recently some lovely Jo Malone scents) to the registrar and SHO coordinating the rotas to show that their hard work has been appreciated. In a time where trainees do a number of extracurricular activities on top of their clinical commitments this gesture is heartwarming.

There was a problem with a high level of work intensity for the trainees at the hospital, and Ms Peregrine has fought tirelessly to secure an additional full-time and part-time SHO, and a full-time registrar to address this.  This has meant that trainees are freed up from service provision and able to have more time to take advantage of training opportunities such as theatre sessions, clinics and ATSM sessions.

Ms Peregrine attends most of the trainee social events, even if it just for 20-30 minutes. She encourages other consultants to do the same. This has helped flatten the hierarchy between the trainers and trainees. Being on call with her you can always guarantee if you don't get freshly baked brownies or lemon drizzle cake she will bring in some other snacks/treats to help boost morale for the busy 12.5 hour shift that lies ahead!

Ms Peregrine is perceived by her trainees as one of the kindest, most approachable, relaxed and enthusiastic consultants they have worked with.  She never fails to put the trainees’ needs at the forefront.  She has been an inspiration and a role model.  In large part due to her efforts, the trainee experience in our region has changed dramatically for the better over the last year.

"I have been a trainee in O&G now since 2008 and I can honestly say that I have never come across a more dedicated individual working as college tutor who is there not only to support the trainees but also to champion the trainees to ensure that we get the maximum training benefit from our trust."

Without a shadow of a doubt this exceptional trainer has to be the National Trainer of the Year 2018.


The runners up for the 2018 Trainer of the Year Award are listed below. View their nominating citations (PDF)

  • Karen Joash (London North West)
  • Elizabeth Martindale (North West)
  • Sameena Muzaffar (Wessex)


The following regional trainers were also nominated for their dedication and outstanding contribution to training. View their nominating citations (PDF)

  • Kirstyn Brogan (Scotland West)
  • Lena Crichton (Scotland North)
  • Anna Lawin O’Brien (London NE)
  • Bill Martin (West Midlands)
  • Mark McComiskey (Northern Ireland)
  • Sanjay Rao (North East)
  • Aparna Reddy (Thames Valley)
  • Andy Simm (East Midlands)
  • Katie Thompson (Severn)
  • Barry Whitlow (East of England)