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Scientific Undergraduate Academic Prize

For a written report, in the format of a research paper in preparation for submission to a scientific journal. The applicant must show clear aims and objectives, depth of research skills developed and insight achieved from the work.

Marks will be also allocated for the presentation of the paper, in length, structure and formatting, spelling and grammar, referencing and the use of tables, figures and illustrations, as well as the ease of understanding by an independent reader. Reports exceeding 3,500 words will NOT be considered.

There are three prizes (first, second and third). All winners will receive a certificate and the first prize winner will be invited to present their work to the RCOG Annual Academic Meeting 2020, therefore they must be available to travel. The award will not normally be awarded in absentia. In the unlikely event they cannot attend, the award will pass to the next eligible person.



  • Applicants may not jointly submit an application for this award.
  • Poster submissions will not be accepted in place of written submissions.
  • Any research submitted for the Annual Undergraduate Scientific Prize must be EITHER unpublished material, submitted for publication, or published with the last 12 months.



Please ensure you read the award criteria (Word document) and guidance on submitting your application before entering any of the awards.

To apply, please send your application to the Awards Administrator by midnight on Friday 31 May 2019.


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