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Attending the DRCOG exam

Instructions for candidates taking the DRCOG exam

Please read all the information carefully. Failure to follow the instructions may result in failing the examination.


Before the exam

Your candidate entrance ticket will be emailed to you 2-4 weeks before the exam date.

Please check your entrance ticket very carefully and note where and at what time you must attend the examination (all times are local).

Please advise the Examination Department at as soon as possible if your name, address or any information is incorrect.


At the venue

Candidates are discouraged from bringing large amounts of luggage to exam venues, as there is limited space for storage. Luggage and items of clothing are left at your own risk.

Special needs or private parenting rooms (for attend to the caring needs of a child, including feeding and changing) vary at UK and international venues; please check directly with your venue for details.

There are no parking facilities available for candidates on College premises in London. Parking facilities vary at other UK and international venues; please check directly with your venue for details.

Candidates must take care of all private/personal matters before the exam starts. Please dress appropriately in a smart and professional manner.

Light refreshments such as drinks and boiled sweets may be consumed quietly in the exam but the invigilators can ask you to stop eating or drinking if you are disturbing others. Try to use clear bottles and clear wrapping for your refreshments in the exam hall.

No concession will be granted to any candidate who, for whatever reason, does not attend the examination at the correct time.


What to bring

When attending the examination you must bring:

  1. Entrance ticket
    This must be printed out. Electronic copy saved in a phone or device is not accepted.
  2. Photographic identification
    This must include your name (e.g. passport, hospital identification badge)
  3. Stationery
    Candidates must now bring a black or blue pen to complete their exam papers.

Candidates must provide identification to the satisfaction of the invigilators/examiners at the beginning of each session of the examination. Candidates who fail to provide identification will have their entry withdrawn.

Candidates require only their entrance ticket, photo ID and pen. Paper and examination materials will be provided.

Not allowed in the examination hall: stationery (except black/blue pen), calculators, mobile phones, pocket computers or similar items.

No smoking is allowed and no smoking devices are permitted.


Exam time arrangements

  1. The scheduled exam times are provided on your entry ticket.
  2. Candidates will not be allowed to enter the examination hall after 30 minutes have elapsed.
  3. Candidates will not be allowed to leave the examination hall until 60 minutes after the start of each paper.
  4. Two time warnings will be given before the end of each paper: 30 minutes before the end, and 10 minutes before the end.
  5. Candidates will not be allowed to leave the hall during the final 10 minutes of each paper.


During the exam

  1. Your candidate number (not your desk number) should be written on the question booklets and answer sheet.
  2. On all occasions you must show your name as stated on your entrance ticket.
  3. Candidates must not enter/leave the exam hall, or start writing, until instructed by the invigilator.
  4. If a mobile phone rings during the examination, the candidate will be reported to the RCOG Examination and Assessment Committee and may have their results invalidated.
  5. Any form of communication between candidates during the examination is strictly forbidden.
  6. Copying answers is strictly forbidden. The College uses sophisticated anti-cheating software when processing the answer sheets, which detects patterns of duplication.
  7. Invigilators are not permitted to discuss questions.
  8. Any candidate wishing to attract the invigilator’s attention should raise their hand.
  9. Any candidate leaving the examination hall during the examination will be allowed to return only if they have been escorted while outside the hall.
  10. Candidates are not permitted to copy any part of the examination papers, and question books must not be removed from the examination hall.
  11. Question papers, answer sheets and all examination materials remain the property of the College at all times.


The end of the exam

  1. You must stop writing immediately when the invigilator announces that the exam has finished.
  2. Candidates must remain seated while the question booklets and answer sheets are being collected.



Exam results will be released 6-8 weeks after the exam date. The specific date will be published on the DRCOG pages of the RCOG website.

Results will not be disclosed to a third party, so enquiries must be sent by yourself directly. Please do not ask a friend or relative to contact us on your behalf.


If you have any queries about your exam sitting, please check our frequently asked questions.