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DRCOG: How to complete the SBA questions

Instructions for completing the single best answer (SBA) questions for the DRCOG exam.

General instructions

Answer sheets

  • The papers are marked by a computerised document reading machine.
  • Answers should be entered as instructed on the answer sheet
  • You must only use black or blue ballpoint pen for completing all parts of the answer sheets.
  • To select your answer, fill inside the circle using black or blue ink.
  • If you want to change your answer, you must cross out your unwanted answer and mark your new choice.
  • If you wish to return to an answer previously crossed out, circle the chosen answer making sure all unwanted answers are crossed out.
  • Please print your name as stated on your entrance ticket at the top of the answer sheet and write your candidate number (not your desk number) in the boxes provided. Then black out the lozenges corresponding to your candidate number. See the following example:

Example of how to complete a DRCOG exam paper


Front cover

On the front cover of each question book please print your name in the boxes provided and then sign your name in the space marked ‘signature’. Your candidate number must be written in the 4 circles provided.


Papers 1 and 2: Single Best Answer (SBAs) questions

This operates similarly to the previous section, but with just 5 options to choose the best single answer from.

Answering the questions

The answer sheet is numbered 1-60 and against each number there are 5 lozenges labelled from A to E.

Each question in the question booklet will consist of a clinical scenario followed by a lead-in question, and then a list of 5 options (labelled A to E).

Indicate your judgment of each particular question by boldly blacking out the letter that corresponds to the single best answer in the option list.

Candidates may mark their responses in the question book and then transfer these to the answer sheet.

Please be aware that this will take longer, and all transfers must be done fully within the time allowed for the examination.

The option list will nearly always be in alphabetical or numerical order for ease of reference; if not, they will be in the most appropriate order for quick reference.

The most important element of the format is that you must select the single answer that best fits. You may feel that there are several possible answers, but you must choose only the most likely one from the option list.

Specimen answer sheet

A portion of a completed SBA answer sheet may look like this:

Examples of SBA answers for the DRCOG exam


Incorrect answers are not penalised.

It is in your best interests to ensure that for each of the answers, one circle is filled in by the end of the examination.

If you mark 2 or more circles on the same question, no mark will be awarded, even if one of the answers you choose is the correct one.

Please ensure you clearly and fully cross out any mistakes.


Division of marks

See the table below for how marks are divided between SBA papers.

A cumulative pass mark applies.


No. of individual question items

Mark awarded for each correct answer

Total marks

% of exam

Paper 1: SBAs





Paper 2: SBAs