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Fraudulent WhatsApp messages to exam candidates

24 November 2020

The College has been made aware of fraudulent WhatsApp messages sent to an exam candidate following an exchange via a Facebook page.

The message claims that, in light of the disruption to our exams caused by the pandemic, the College has decided to grant full membership to all candidates who have passed the theoretical parts of our exam (Part 1 and Part 2 MRCOG) and who have practical experience. The email then asks candidates who meet these criteria to email their CV and results for the Part 1 and Part 2 exams to a specified email address which contains the word ‘MRCOG’.

We can confirm that this message does not originate from the College and is not an official RCOG communication. The integrity of our three-part MRCOG exam is fundamental and candidates must pass all three elements in order to achieve Membership. If you receive this message, please ignore and delete it – please do not respond.

If you have already responded to the email and shared personal data (ie your CV), we suggest you take a number of precautions:

All official communications from the College will come from an email address that ends If you are unsure about any emails you receive from the College, we recommend that you first check that it has originated from an official RCOG email address. If you are still uncertain, please contact us for verification.