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Part 3 MRCOG expansion plans

Update December 2019

The popularity of the MRCOG since 2017 has been outstanding with candidate numbers growing year on year. This increase in candidates is driven by our expansion overseas and supports our strategic goal of improving women’s health globally. For the written Part 1 and 2 examinations we have been able to grow our capacity in line with demand, but for the Part 3 examination demand has grown beyond our current capacity.

The College has a responsibility to ensure that UK trainees' progression will not be affected by the demand imbalance, and have therefore committed to guarantee that all eligible UK trainees will have an opportunity to book a place on each Part 3 sitting.

To manage the demand and support our overseas candidates we have developed a Part 3 MRCOG global expansion strategy which will result in a significant increase in our overseas candidate capacity. By 2021 we intend to have expanded our annual Part 3 examination capacity to 1,850 spaces compared to the 2017 capacity of 650 spaces.

The expansion strategy includes opening new overseas centres and increasing the London exam to 4 days for each sitting. Based on candidate numbers and their location we are currently developing new centres in all four regions of India, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Malaysia.

For the next Part 3 examination in May 2020 we will be doubling the number of candidate spaces in Chennai, India and opening new centres in Kolkata, India and Abu Dhabi, UAE. This will see an overall capacity for this exam of 858 spaces. By the end of 2020 we aim to have centres in all 4 regions of India and a centre in Egypt with approximately 440 more places available than in 2019.

The Part 3 MRCOG global expansion strategy will develop the examination overseas at a controlled and achievable pace to ensure the integrity of the examination is not affected. All centres will be run to the same standards as the UK with full psychometric analysis of the results to make certain that centres are statistically aligned and all candidates are assessed equitably.

The College is committed to providing a space to all candidates who wish to sit the examination and we are confident our growth plan will achieve this.


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