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Part 3 MRCOG syllabus: Maternal medicine

This page illustrates how the five core clinical skills can be applied to the maternal medicine core module (module 9) for the Part 3 Clinical Assessment. 

Communicating with patients and families

  • Ability to tackle difficult or sensitive topics including domestic violence, child protection issues and honesty where there is clinical uncertainty
  • Gives information to the patient with coexisting medical disorders of both the impact of pregnancy on her pre-existing conditions and the impact of those conditions on the fetus

Communicating with colleagues

  • A clear and logical approach to a differential diagnosis or management plan for patients with medical disorders both pre-existing and those arising in pregnancy
  • Appropriate amount of detail to ensure management plans are clear and easily understood by colleagues
  • Ability to communicate with colleagues in primary care and within the multi-disciplinary team including nurse specialists, physicians and psychiatrists

Information gathering

  • Ability to take a concise and relevant medical history
  • Skills in signposting and guiding the consultation
  • Ensuring patient understanding and encouraging questions
  • Ability to describe to the patient with co-existing medical disorders a clear action plan and the rationale for follow up based on the discussion

Patient safety

  • Demonstrates awareness of safety of investigations and therapeutics pre-conception, during pregnancy and in the postnatal including safe prescribing
  • Demonstrates an understanding of both the impact of pregnancy on pre-existing conditions and the impact of those conditions on the fetus

Applied clinical knowledge

  • Knowledge of pre-conception, antenatal and postnatal care including the risks of maternal morbidity and mortality related to the medical co-morbidity

Further information

For further information about the maternal medicine core module please go to the maternal medicine core module page.

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