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MRCOG Part 3: Introduction of flexible delivery models

18 March 2021

Due to the impact of the global pandemic we were unfortunately unable to deliver any Part 3 exams across 2020. We completely appreciate the frustration this would have caused to many of our candidates. The Part 3 exam is a complex and logistically challenging exam, that does not naturally lend itself to a remote delivery model. However, we have been working hard over the past months to ensure that we can be in a position to run exams both in the UK and overseas in 2021, irrespective of the conditions presented by the pandemic.

We are pleased to announce that we have gained GMC approval for a flexible delivery approach, with 3 different delivery options. This provides the flexibility during the pandemic to continue delivery while ensuring that the assessment remains robust, secure and meets GMC requirements.

  • Option 1: The traditional in-person delivery model, used before the pandemic.
  • Option 2: Partial-digital "hybrid" delivery, with candidate interaction taking place with examiner or role player via video-conferencing using software developed specifically for OSCE examinations (Osler Online). Candidates will attend a central examination site so they can be invigilated, supported and connectivity guaranteed.
  • Option 3: Fully remote delivery via video-conferencing using Osler Online. All exam participants including candidates will be remote in their own homes.

Please refer to the Osler Online section below for further information on the delivery platform.

What's not changing: The content, format, structure, statistical analysis, standard setting and results calculation will remain unchanged for all delivery options.

What will be different:

  • For hybrid delivery, the only difference in set-up is that the interactions and observations are to take place over video-conferencing technology, to allow compliance with government COVID-19 secure regulations.
  • For fully remote delivery, it will also mean the addition of remote online invigilation, with candidates sitting in their own homes.

Osler Online

Osler Online is our new online delivery platform we will be using to support both the remote and hybrid delivery models referenced above.

The video below provides a candidate instructional film on what to expect on exam day.


We would like to thank all candidates for their patience and understanding whilst we have been trying to navigate through the challenges presented by the pandemic.

If you have any queries, please contact