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Advice and support for trainees

This section of the site brings together advice on workplace issues such as undermining, mentoring and working during pregnancy, designed to support RCOG trainees throughout their training.

Assertiveness at work

The assertiveness at work page provides advice on how to deal with undermining (bullying) in the workplace.

Mentoring and support for trainees

The mentoring and support for trainees page provides information about the support network you can call on throughout your training in O&G.

Working during pregnancy

The working during pregnancy section contains general advice for trainees about working during pregnancy and maternity leave, including your and your employer’s rights and responsibilities.

Personal professional indemnity

The personal professional indemnity page contains a joint statement from the BMA’s Junior Doctors’ Committee and the RCOG Trainees’ Committee, providing advice for trainees on personal professional indemnity and contractual safeguards.

Advice on termination of pregnancy

The advice on termination of pregnancy section provides advice from the RCOG Trainees’ Committee on managing any moral conflicts trainees have on gaining and maintaining competency in termination of pregnancy.

Contact us

If you have any comments or questions, please contact your Trainee Representative.

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