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Trainees’ representatives

This page provides names and contact details of regional trainees’ representatives, who sit on the RCOG Trainees’ Committee.

Please note you must be logged in to the website as a trainee to view contact details.

Elections for vacant posts are listed on Trainees' Committee Elections.

Chair Dr Jonathan Frost MRCOG

Jonathan Frost, RCOG Trainees' Committee rep

Chair elect

Dr Adalina Sacco


Vice Chair for Strategic Development


Vice Chair for Education

Dr Marie O'Sullivan

Vice Chair, Clinical Quality and Inter-specialty Partnership Dr Sarah Murray

 Dr Sarah Murray
HE East of England Dr Subhadeep Roy

 Subhadeep Roy thumbnail
HE East Midlands Mr Graham Stevenson MRCOG

European Network of Trainees in O&G (ENTOG) Dr Reena Aggarwal MRCOG

HE Kent, Surrey and Sussex Dr Iranthi Meththananda MRCOG

HE Shared Services London North East/Central  Dr Radha Graham

HE Shared Services London North West Dr Tanya Maric MRCOG

HE Shared Services London South  Dr Sadiya Mohammad Hussain MRCOG

HE North East (Northern) Dr Leo Gurney

HE North, South and East Scotland Dr J M Allison MRCOG 

HE North West (Mersey) Dr Anna Clare MRCOG

HE North Western (North Western) Dr Zoe Thurlwell MRCOG

Northern Ireland Dr Mageed Abdelrahman MRCOG

Dr Mageed Abdulrahman 
Republic of Ireland Dr Rupak Sarkar  
HE South West (Severn) Dr Sarah Coleridge MRCOG

HE South West (South West Peninsula) 

Eleanor Rayner

Eleanor Rayner
HE Thames Valley Dr Sanyal Patel  MRCOG


Dr Lisa Pilkington MRCOG

Dr Lisa Pilkington
HE Wessex  Natalie Brown

Abigail Langrish

HE West Midlands Dr Justin Chu MRCOG

 Dr Justin Chu
West Scotland Dr Ibraheem Hamoodi

HE Yorkshire and the Humber Dr Kathleen Merrick

Junior Careers Advisor Dr Harsha Shah

 Dr Harsha Shah
Junior Academic Trainees’ Representative  Dr Lynne Sykes MRCOG

Lynne Sykes, RCOG Trainees' Committee rep 
Deputy Subspecialty Trainees' Representative Dr Michelle Mackintosh MRCOG



If you don’t want your contact details to be displayed here, or to submit a photo, please email the website team.

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