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Training ePortfolio

Welcome to the support pages for the College's new Training ePortfolio system – our online learning tool designed for trainees and supervisors to review training and to track their progress through the curriculum.

Access the new Training ePortfolio

You will need a different username and password from your RCOG website login.



Our online Curriculum 2019 Learning Resource contains a variety of resources in support of the new eportfolio, from training guides to short videos and an FAQ section.

We are running a phased implementation of the new ePortfolio from May 2019 to October 2019, and will be updating this resource regularly over the coming months.

Please be sure to check back here if you have queries or issues and you require assistance.



Please contact with any help you need, general queries or suggestions for improvement.


NES Training ePortfolio

Guidance and resources for the previous ePortfolio.


Elsewhere on the site

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How your aquisition of competencies will be signed off as you progress through your training
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