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ENTOG newsletter, January 2015

Please allow me to start off with wishing you all a very happy new year. I hope you have been able to have some time off at some point during the festive period. A newsletter from ENTOG has been long overdue and I am pleased to be finally able to give you an update on our activities.

Executive members

In June last year, Charlotte Boyon (France) left the executive when her 2-year term came to an end. She was a very hard working part of the team and has helped set up our new website, which was an enormous task and we are very grateful for all of the work and time that she spent on this. She has finished her O&G training and has now started working as a specialist in Lille.

Council voted for Ziga Jan (Slovenia) to take over from Charlotte as a new executive member and he has taken over her role as webmaster. It has proven challenging to learn how to edit our new website and Ziga has spent considerable time trying to master this.

Anna Aabakke (Denmark) was re-voted in by council to stay on as Secretary General, Laurids Bune (Denmark) stayed on as Treasurer, Alexandra Kristufkova (Slovakia) stayed on as executive member and I stayed on as President.


As you know, Anna Aabakke, our Secretary General, has been leading the survey on workforce planning. Most of the country reps had filled out the survey last year and Anna presented the findings at our scientific meeting in Glasgow in June. Presenting the findings revealed that some of the questions had been interpreted differently by you then how we had intended them. To make sure we have as accurate information as possible, Anna has been following this up by arranging one-to-one.

Skype meetings with the country reps. She managed to get in touch with 27 out of 30 country reps. We are very grateful to all of you who have dedicated their spare time into this. We hope to publish our findings in a peer-reviewed journal and will mention all of you who have helped us with this.


EBCOG council has given permission for another 3 fellowships to be rewarded in 2015. All trainees in our ENTOG member countries are eligible to apply for one of the €3000 awards, which is to be spent on a 3 month placement in an EBCOG accredited hospital. The deadline for applications is the 15th of March 2015.

Further information about what it involves and how to apply can be found in the Fellowship page, which is sent out to all country reps, who should forward this to all O&G trainees in their countries so it reaches as many trainees as possible. It will also be available on both the EBCOG and the ENTOG websites.

Exchange June 2015

The next ENTOG exchange will be held in The Netherlands from the 8th until the 12th of June 2015. Trainees from all ENTOG member countries will have the opportunity to follow around Dutch O&G trainees and learn about the Dutch trainings scheme, as well as the unique Dutch healthcare system, where a large portion of women give birth in their own homes instead of in hospital. The Dutch L.O.C. (Local Organising Committee) has sent out letters to all of the country reps with further information. They need to know how many exchangees each country is planning to send, so their places can be reserved, by the 1st of February 2015.

ISGE Winterschool

There are still places left in the ISGE winterschool, held from the 28th until the 31st of January in Madonna di Campiglio in the Italian Dolomites. The topic this year is ‘Ovarian Function and Reproduction: From Needs to Possibilities”.

Sessions are held in the mornings and early evenings, with time in the afternoon to go skiing. Some of the most renowned reproductive health experts from across Europe are teaching on this course and European trainees can register for the reduced price of €350.

Website and e-learning

Please have a look at our new ENTOG website on It was created last year and, though it is still very much work in progress, we very much encourage you all to register on it and have a browse around. Those who are registered will also receive our newsletters and be updated on our events. Newsletters are only sent out 2-3 times a year, so you don’t have to worry that your inbox will fill up.
The EBCOG website can be found on When registered on this, you will be able to access the eAcademy, found under the e-learning tab. It has a list of all of the keynote lectures given at the EBCOG conference in Glasgow in May 2014 and these can be viewed for free.

Coming elections

Our next council meeting will be held on Friday the 12th of June in Utrecht in The Netherlands. I will step down as president, as my 2-year term will be up and because I have now finished my training, I am not eligible for re-election. It is likely that one of the other executive members will stand for president and if voted in, this means a place for a new executive member will become free. Any trainees in any of the ENTOG member countries can put themselves forward for election. Being on the executive will take up some of your spare time, but it is great fun and very rewarding. If you have an interest in training and international affairs, you are not afraid to put some work in and you enjoy travelling and meeting new people, then please get in touch with me or any of the other executive members.

Maud van de Venne
ENTOG executive President