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Glossary of terms

This page defines key terms and acronyms used in training and education in O&G.

ALSO Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics – an organisation that provides training courses in obstetric life-saving skills, for obstetricians, midwives, GPs and affliated professionals
ARCP Annual Review of Competence Progression – the process whereby specialty trainees have evidence of their progress reviewed by a deanery panel
CbD Case-based discussion – a workplace-based assessment tool
CCT Certificate of Completion of Training
CESR Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration
CESR(CP) Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration – Combined Programme
CLT Clinical Trainer – the consultant assigned to a trainee who provides training during episodes of direct clinical care
COPMeD Conference of Postgraduate Medical Deans of the United Kingdom – manages the delivery and outcomes of postgraduate medical education and ensures standards are upheld
CT College Tutor – a consultant with at least 2 years of experience as an Educational Supervisor, who’s appointed by the NHS trust to be responsible for the delivery of training within a unit/hospital/trust
DFSRH Diploma of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare
DISQ Doctor’s Interpersonal Skills Questionnaire – a fully validated patient tool designed to give health professionals feedback on their interpersonal skills during a consultation
DSTC Deanery Specialist Training Committee – responsible for the management and delivery of training within a deanery
ES Educational Supervisor – a consultant assigned by the College Tutor to supervise a trainee’s period of training and be responsible for the appraisal process
FTSTA Fixed-term specialty training appointment
FTTA Fixed-term training appointment
GMC General Medical Council – responsible for regulating doctors and ensuring good practice, and for maintaining the Specialist Register
Gold Guide A guide to postgraduate specialty training in the UK
LAS Locum appointment for service
LAT Locum appointment for training
Mini-CEX Miniature clinical evaluation exercise – a workplace-based assessment tool
MOET Managing Obstetric Emergencies and Trauma – a practical skills course run by the Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG)
MSF Multi-source feedback
NICE National Institute for Health and Care Excellence – develops national clinical guidelines to ensure consistent, high-quality, evidence-based care in the NHS
NTN National training number – issued by your deanery or postgraduate school on appointment to a run-through training post
OOP Out of programme
OOPC Out of programme for career break
OOPE Out of programme for clinical experience
OOPR Out of programme for research
OOPT Out of programme for clinical training
OSATS Objective structured assessment of technical skills – a workplace-based assessment tool
Sands Stillbirth & neonatal death charity – supports people affected by the death of a baby and promotes research in the area of stillbirth and neonatal death
SEAC Specialty Education Advisory Committee – RCOG committee responsible for all aspects of the specialty training programme, and responsible for recommendations to the GMC for the award of the CCT
SIGN Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network – develops evidence-based guidelines for clinical practice for the NHS in Scotland
SpR Specialist Registrar
StR Specialty Registrar
TO Team observation forms (TO1 and TO2) – multi-source feedback forms
TPD Training Programme Director – an executive post appointed by the Deanery Specialist Training Committee to organise and manage the delivery of training within a deanery


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