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Non-Technical Skills for Surgeons (NOTSS) tool

Non-Technical Skills for Surgeons (NOTSS) forms are now available on the ePortfolio for Gynaecological Surgery and Labour Ward.

NOTSS is a behavioural marker system, which allows trainers to give feedback to colleagues and trainees based on structured observations of non-technical aspects of performance. Many behavioural marker systems are described in the literature, but NOTSS is currently considered to be the most psychometrically robust. Initially developed by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, it has been adapted for our specialty by Dr Karen Brackley and Dr Suzi Jackson.

The tool is flexible, with lots of white space for feedback. It can be used for a single procedure, or a full day on the labour ward or in theatre. A NOTSS handbook is available for guidance with clear descriptors to aid with this.

Please note that the ePortfolio NOTSS forms are a formative form of assessment. They can be created by an Educational Supervisor, College Tutor, TPD or Ticket Assessor on the ePortfolio. Once the form has been submitted, however, it can be read only by the Trainee and their assigned Educational Supervisor.

If you have any queries regarding the NOTSS forms, please contact the RCOG Training ePortfolio team on +44(0)207 7726 283 or email