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Training evaluation form (TEF)

The training evaluation form (TEF) has been reviewed substantially and, after discussion with the national Trainees’ Committee, is now a mandatory requirement in the RCOG Matrix of Progression.

The RCOG decided to revise the TEF after learning that it was being completed in different ways and scrutinised by different means across the UK. Also, there were large variations in the proportion of trainees completing the TEF and the way in which it was being used to improve training.

A project team consisting of RCOG staff, senior clinicians and trainees looked at the content of the TEF, the possibility of using the ePortfolio as a way of producing consistent reports and the wider policy issue of the role it could play in quality improvement. The Trainees’ Committee and the Specialty Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) agree that providing feedback on the training environment is a fundamental professional responsibility of trainees.

The first nationally implemented annual TEF will open on Monday 4 January 2016 and close at the end of January. Trainees will be reminded by email to complete it. In addition, trainees in selected LETBs may be asked to complete interim TEFs by their Heads of School between the national TEFs for local quality management purposes.

The RCOG takes the protection of personal information very seriously. Because of the way the TEF is set up on the ePortfolio, only the RCOG’s ePortfolio Coordinator will be able to see individually completed TEFs. These will be downloaded without person-identifiable data and formatted into a series of summary reports to be shared with Heads of School and trainee representatives. Comments from the TEF will be sent separately in one spreadsheet to each Head of School and trainee representative. Further details about the TEF confidentiality statement and data privacy policy is on the RCOG website.

It is hoped that these changes will help Heads of School recognise excellent training and improve the quality of training in their region. The new TEF will also help the RCOG to identify national trends and issues affecting O&G education. The data will also be shared with the College’s Clinical Quality Department to be used in service review visits. Pooling information in this way could potentially benefit patient care as well as improving training.

The RCOG is very aware of the burden of multiple surveys on trainees and has been determined to develop a single high-quality specialty specific survey to monitor training at a national level. The time you take to provide high-quality feedback through this survey is much appreciated.