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Resources and support for trainers

This section of the website brings together a range of resources designed to support RCOG trainers as they deliver the RCOG curriculum and teach and assess trainees.

Faculty Development Framework

The Faculty Development Framework aims to help RCOG Fellows, Members and Trainees become better trainers and advance in their careers as educators.

RCOG educational roles

The RCOG has established specific educational roles to support the delivery of training, and to provide guidance for those undertaking these important roles.

Delivering postgraduate training in O&G

The delivering postgraduate training in O&G section provides information about the delivery of postgraduate training in O&G:

Managing local/regional education

The managing local/regional education section provides suggestions on how to deliver O&G education at a local or regional level:

Useful resources

The useful resources section contains information about RCOG and non-RCOG resources to help support your training, including conferences and courses, eLearning materials, useful websites and recommended reading.

Contact us

If you have any questions, or need more information, please see the list of contacts in the education and training team at the RCOG, or the A–Z of all useful contacts at the College.

Elsewhere on the site

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