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Annual review of training – information for trainers

This page provides information for RCOG trainers to help them prepare for their trainees’ Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP).

You may also find it useful to read the information for trainees about ARCPs:

At the end of each year of training, each trainee undergoes a formal assessment of their training to determine whether they can progress to the next year. This is the responsibility of the Postgraduate Dean in conjunction with the deanery School Board or Specialty Training Committee. The assessment panel issues an appropriate outcome using the Annual Assessment Outcome form. The trainee must keep a copy of the form, with a further copy forwarded to the Specialty Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) at the RCOG.

Preparing for the ARCP

To prepare for the ARCP:

  • The trainee needs to meet with their Educational Supervisor to complete the annual assessment form on their ePortfolio, which details the trainee’s educational achievements and logbook modules completed that year
  • The Educational Supervisor needs to complete the structured reference section of the annual assessment form and the TO2 form
  • The trainee also needs to complete the National Trainee Assessment form and bring this to the ARCP

ARCP outcomes

The following outcomes are possible after the ARCP:

  • If the evidence provided is satisfactory, the panel will recommend an outcome 1, indicating successful transition to the next training year
  • If the panel identifies deficiencies in training or poor performance, they will usually award an outcome 2 – this means additional targeted training is needed which, if successfully completed, won’t delay progression to CCT
  • If the panel decides that a formal additional period of training is required, which will extend the duration of the training programme, they will issue an outcome 3
  • If the trainee still shows insufficient and sustained lack of progress despite having had up to 1 year of additional training to address concerns over progress, the panel will issue an outcome 4, which is a recommendation that the trainee be released from the training programme

The trainee’s final ARCP before CCT

Within 6 months of a trainee’s CCT date, they’ll be called for a final assessment, at which the entirety of their training is reviewed. If this is completed satisfactorily, the trainee will be issued an annual assessment outcome 6.

The trainee must submit their signed outcome 6 form and the signed annual assessment form to the Education Policy and Quality department at the RCOG. The Secretary to the RCOG Specialty Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) will then contact the trainee directly with the relevant forms to complete.

The RCOG will then make a recommendation to the General Medical Council (GMC) that the trainee has completed the relevant training and is eligible for award of the CCT.

Contact us

If you have any questions, or need more information, please see the list of contacts in the education and training team at the RCOG, or the A–Z of all useful contacts at the College.

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