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Curriculum resources for trainers

Resources for trainers to help deliver specific parts of the RCOG curriculum

Ultrasound training

Delivery of ultrasound training

Information for trainers about how basic and intermediate training in ultrasound should be supervised, delivered and assessed, including who's responsible for what.

Training the Ultrasound Trainer

An eLearning package produced to familiarise trainers with the RCOG Ultrasound Curriculum. This page describes the requirements of the programme, including the workplace-based assessment tools used. The eTutorial also aims to ensure that the RCOG Ultrasound Curriculum is delivered across the country, and the world, in a standard way.

Subspecialty training

Deanery management of subspecialty training and trainees

The process of integrated working between Heads of Schools and Subspecialty Training Programme Directores to better address training requirements for subspecialty trainees.

Subspecialty training centres and how to apply for recognition

Application process and approval criteria for RCOG recognition of subspecialty training centres, and list of recognised subspecialty centres.

Principles of assessment of subspecialty trainees

The subspecialty training assessment process, as well as the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved.


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