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Faculty development tiers

This page explains the different tiers in the RCOG’s Faculty Development Framework.

Faculty Development Framework – the tiers

A large part of education and training takes place in the workplace and all RCOG members are involved in clinical supervision, if not educational supervision. Therefore, all members will start at a minimum of tier 2 but, depending on the activities you take, you may be allocated a higher tier. Trainees are also involved in education, so all pre-MRCOG trainees will be in tier 1.

Tier 1: Developing an interest in education

To qualify for tier 1, you need to be an ST1–ST5 trainee with a National Training Number.

Further recommended professional development at this level includes:

  • Being a member of an RCOG local or regional education committee or network
  • Teaching, supervising or mentoring medical students

Tier 2: Delivery of education in the workplace-based setting

To qualify for tier 2, you need to be a full Fellow or Member of the College. Characteristics of this tier include:

Further recommended professional development at this level includes:

Tier 3: Development and delivery of education in a local/regional setting

To qualify for tier 3, you need to be appointed to one of the recognised tier 3 RCOG educational roles – e.g. College Tutor, Regional Ultrasound Coordinator, Regional Workplace Behaviours Champion, ATSM Director, ATSM Preceptor, Specialty Assessor.

Further recommended professional development at this level includes:

  • Taking a postgraduate qualification in medical education and leadership
  • Being a member of a College educational committee
  • Getting involved in educational research
  • Taking on a senior educational role in the NHS
  • Attending educational conferences
  • Getting involved in the RCOG’s primary educational functions, such as the core curriculum
  • Participating in training regional faculty
  • Coordinating a regional course

Tier 4: Development and delivery of education nationally/internationally

To qualify for tier 4, you need to be appointed to one of the recognised tier 4 RCOG educational roles – e.g. chair of an RCOG educational committee, Head of School, MRCOG Sub-committee member (examiner), ATSM Officer, RCOG Course Convenor, RCOG National Advisor in a specific educational area.

In this tier, individuals are often involved in strategic development and may be part of a national or international network. Many will have postgraduate educational qualifications.

How to progress through the tiers

For details of the RCOG courses recommended for progression through the tiers, and examples of developmental activities that will help you progress, please visit the faculty development progression page.

For a full list of RCOG educational roles and how they fit into the framework, please visit the job roles and tier ratings page.

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