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Subspecialty Training Programme Supervisor: job description

The Subspecialty Training Programme Supervisor (STPS) is responsible for the day-to-day, hands-on training of the subspecialty trainee and in the organisation and delivery of all aspects of the subspecialty curriculum at trust level. This will also include workplace-based assessments and providing feedback to the trainee.

Any newly appointed STPS must be subspecialty accredited. The STPS should obtain feedback from other subspecialty-trained colleagues for the mid-term and final review of a trainee’s progress.

Roles and responsibilities

Unless there are exceptional local circumstances, each subspecialty training centre (irrespective of the number of programmes offered) should have only one STPS per subspecialty, which should not be a job share.

  • Take responsibility for maximising the educational opportunities provided in the accredited subspecialty training centre to meet the training needs of the subspecialty trainee.
  • Ensure all components of the curriculum are included in the subspecialty training programme.
  • Ensure that the trainee’s mandatory logbook is accurate and up to date. The STPS should check that the trainee has sufficient evidence to allow the assessors to judge the trainee’s progress at the mid-term and final review.
  • Take responsibility for the completion and submission of the application for recognition as a subspecialty training centre and for liaising with the deanery to arrange the site visit.
  • Take responsibility for ensuring that the subspecialty training programme is advertised nationally and appointed in open competition.
  • Take responsibility for completion and submission of trainee registration documentation (within 6 months of the trainee starting subspecialty training).
  • Take responsibility for the completion and submission of mid-term and final review documentation and for coordinating review visits.
  • Take responsibility, in collaboration with the RCOG College Tutor and Head of School/Deanery, for ensuring the subspecialty trainee has an annual RITA/ARCP (including appropriate team observation) and the results of this are available to the assessors undertaking mid-term and final reviews.
  • Take responsibility for ensuring the Head of School/Chair of the Deanery STC is aware of any concerns identified by assessors at the mid-term and final review and for developing action plans to address any trainee or unit issues identified.

Person specification

Essential characteristics

  • Must be accredited as a subspecialist.
  • Have training in postgraduate medical education.
  • Attend a Training the Trainers course yearly.
  • Have skills in appraisal and feedback.
  • Be approved jointly by the deanery and the NHS.
  • Be trained in equality and diversity.
  • Undergo annual appraisal of educational role as per deanery and NHS processes.
  • Be accountable to the Head of School/Chair of the Specialty Training committee and Director of Medical Education (of local education provider).

Time required and job planning

The STPS should have time built into their job plan to deliver subspecialty training. It is difficult to suggest a standard amount of SPA time for this role as it depends upon the amount of the curriculum that the STPS has to deliver and the number of suitable subspecialty-trained colleagues. The STPS is advised to keep a diary to present at the job planning process to determine the individual time required.

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