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This page provides answers to frequently asked questions from staff and associate specialist (SAS doctors.

How does revalidation work for specialty doctors and associate specialists?

Specialty doctors and associate specialists will revalidate against their individual job plans and will need to revalidate through the same process as consultants, as will all non-training grade doctors. For more information, please visit the revalidation section of this website.

I work part-time in O&G. Can I participate in proportionate CPD?

Part-time doctors are required to revalidate and to fulfil the same CPD requirements as full-time doctors. Your CPD activities should be linked to your job plan and discussed at your appraisal.

I’m a GP but also work as a specialty doctor in gynaecology for colposcopy. Do I have to participate in the RCOG CPD programme?

You should participate in the CPD programme which most reflects your main post. In addition, you should be able to demonstrate that you are following standards set for gynaecologists in the gynaecology specialty in which you also practice, i.e. colposcopy. Appropriate evidence of this can be taken to your appraisal.

I’m a specialty doctor in O&G but I’m not a member of the RCOG. I’m aware that I need to collect evidence of CPD. Can I use the RCOG CPD programme?

Yes. You can join the CPD programme if you become an Associate member of the College. For further information please view the Associate membership page or email the membership team. Associate membership is open to anyone with a medical degree who does not have the MRCOG.

If you are already an RCOG Associate member and you wish to participate in the RCOG CPD programme, please complete the registration form.

I’d like to develop a special interest in menopause and hopefully start a clinic in our hospital. How do I go about this and could I be the lead for this clinic, as an associate specialist?

If this is felt to be an appropriate development within your department, you can complete an RCOG Advanced Training Skills Module (ATSM) – in this case the menopause ATSM. To register, email the ATSM Office at the RCOG. You’ll be advised to attend an appropriate theoretical course and find a trainer for practical sessions. Once you’ve completed the module, there’s no reason you couldn’t be the lead clinician, provided you have your department’s support.

I’d like to become involved with College activities. Are there any RCOG committees that specialty doctors could apply for?

The RCOG committee structure is being revised and committees will be identified which require specialty doctor representation. In the meantime, there’s no reason a specialty doctor couldn’t apply for committee vacancies. Applicants will be chosen according to their credentials, not their job title.

For information about current vacancies, as well as other ways to get involved with the College, visit the ‘get involved’ page.

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To contact Dr Misra Bano-Mahroo, the National Lead for SAS doctors at the RCOG, please email the Business Administrative Manager, Quality & Knowledge at the RCOG or call +44 20 7772 6228.

For more information about CPD or revalidation, please email the RCOG CPD Office or call +44 20 7772 6307.

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