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SAS Advisory Group

The SAS Advisory Group represents SAS doctors within the RCOG.

Laura HippleDr Laura Hipple, RCOG National SAS Lead/Chair

Appointed in April 2018, and representing SAS/Trust doctors on RCOG Council.

Laura graduated from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne in 1986, and did junior and senior house officer jobs in the North-East of England before starting the Northern Regional O&G Registrar Training scheme in 1988. Having gained MRCOG in 1992, she made a positive decision to step off the traditional consultant career pathway into a full time Staff Grade job in North Cumbria in 1993. This has allowed her to combine a full and satisfying career in the hospital specialty she loves with regular hours, geographical stability and living and working in a beautiful part of the country, and is a decision she has never regretted.

Laura has a Diploma in Advanced Obstetric Scanning and became an Associate Specialist in 2003 and FRCOG in 2004. She has special interests in early pregnancy, fertility, pregnancy loss and antenatal screening. In 2013 she was appointed SAS Tutor for North Cumbria University Hospitals and in this role has worked to raise the profile of SAS doctors within North Cumbria and helped organise a programme of generic development days for local SAS/Trust doctors of all specialties.

Laura is passionate about the valuable role SAS and Trust doctors have in our specialty, about promoting SAS Doctor posts as a viable, satisfying, alternative career pathway to a consultant one and supporting and encouraging SAS/Trust doctors to reach their full potential. Laura believes we should be defined by our abilities, not our job titles, and that SAS/Trust doctors can be excellent clinicians, leaders, and have research and teaching roles.


If you’re an SAS or Trust doctor and have any questions, or want more information, you can contact Laura at


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