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OSATS, high risk pregnancy ATSM

This page sets out the OSATS requirements for the ATSM in high risk pregnancy.

External cephalic version

Items under observation:

  • Appropriate patient selection
  • Ensuring patient and accompanying partner understand procedure
  • Confirmation of fetal position with ultrasound prior to procedure
  • Ensuring reassuring fetal monitoring prior to procedure
  • Use of tocolysis if appropriate
  • Appropriate preparation and positioning
  • Careful ultrasound assessment of fetal and placental position, liquor volume and limbs
  • Safe and systematic movement of fetus
  • Regular assessment of fetal wellbeing with ultrasound during procedure
  • Ensuring no excessive maternal discomfort
  • Confirmation of fetal presentation post procedure with ultrasound
  • Ensuring reassuring fetal monitoring post procedure
  • Ensuring Rhesus status and appropriate administration of Anti-D
  • Checking appropriate follow-up arrangements

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