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ATSMs pre-August 2019

This section provides full details of all of the modules of the advanced curriculum, updated in August 2019.


ATSM modules

Available ATSMs are listed below. Each link provides everything you need to know about that ATSM: curriculum, course syllabus, work intensity score, assessment forms and any other relevant information.

The assessment forms are the same for both versions of the curriculum.

Abortion care – Registrations for this ATSM will no longer be accepted, as this has been replaced with the ASM in Safe Practice in Abortion Care
High risk pregnancy (2018) previously Advanced antenatal practice
Obstetric medicine (2018) previously Maternal medicine


Revised Obstetric ATSMs – Launched 1 April 2018

We have re-written, updated & restructured 5 Obstetric ATSMs from 1 April 2018, to avoid duplication with the core curriculum and other ATSMs. Please ensure that you are using the correct version.

Read the introduction and FAQs on the revised 2018 Obstetric ATSMs.

Transition from current Obstetric ATSMs to 1 April 2018 versions

  • If you start any of the obstetric ATSMs in 1 April 2018, you must use the 2018 version of the obstetric ATSMs.
  • If you started any of the obstetric ATSMs before 1 April 2018 you can switch to the new curriculum if you wish, but this is not mandatory. However, if you envisage that you will not complete the obstetric ATSM you are registered for by 30 September 2018, you have to switch to the new curriculum.
  • If you started the pre-April 2018 version and you have switched to the post-April 2018 version, you will have to indicate this on the notification of completion form.
  • If you are working less than full time (LTFT), you can allow 6 months whole time equivalent to complete your pre-2018 ATSM curriculum.


For information about how the competencies will be signed off, please read the explanation of sign-off of competency acquisition and the guidance on sign-off by ‘other methodologies’ (OM).


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