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Applying for the ATSM in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery for the Excision of Benign Disease

When this ATSM was developed, the aim was to initially establish a small group of specialists trained in advanced surgical skills to provide care for women with severe endometriosis.

At that time, the possible consultant post opportunities for the trainees were uncertain and hence together (RCOG, BSGE and Deaneries) agreed on a restricted number of ATSM training opportunities across the UK. In order to facilitate this, RCOG organised central recruitment.

Since the initial development of this ATSM, surgery within our specialty has changed significantly and laparoscopic surgery has a much more mainstream role within general specialty training.

From 2016, the RCOG devolved the organisation and recruitment of this ATSM to each LETB/Deanery. The change from national to local recruitment brought this ATSM in line with all other ATSMs. Please see regulations for guidance on how to register for an ATSM.


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