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OSATS, benign abdominal surgery: open and laparoscopic ATSM

This page sets out the OSATS requirements for the ATSM in benign abdominal surgery: open and laparoscopic.

You have to be competent in:

Opening and closing a vertical abdominal incision

Items under observation:

  • Preparation of the patient
  • Cleans and drapes patient appropriately
  • Marks skin limits if necessary
  • Uses scalpel or cutting diathermy appropriately protecting underlying structures
  • Identifies layers of abdomen
  • Incises rectus sheath correctly
  • Opens peritoneum in a safe manner
  • Demonstrates understanding and ability to enter peritoneal cavity in alternative manner as necessary
  • Packs abdominal organs effectively to allow access to pelvis
  • Closure: removes all packs and checks with theatre scrub nurse
  • Uses ‘en masse’ technique
  • Chooses appropriate suture material
  • Protects underlying structure while suturing
  • Pays attention and promotes haemostasis
  • Closes skin appropriately with subcutaneous closure as necessary

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