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Obstetric ATSMs FAQs

Answers to questions about new Obstetric ATSMs for 2018


Read introductory information on the new Obstetric ATSMs for 2018



Do I have to change from the current ATSM to the April 2018 version?

  • If you start any of the obstetric ATSMs in April 2018, you must use the 2018 version of the obstetric ATSMs
  • If you started any of the obstetric ATSMs before April 2018 you can switch to the new curriculum if you wish, but this is not mandatory. However, if you envisage that you will not complete the obstetric ATSM you are registered for by 30 September 2018, you have to switch to the new curriculum.
  • If you started the pre-April 2018 version and you have switched to the post-April 2018 version you will have to indicate this on the notification of completion form.
  • If you are working less than full time (LTFT), you can allow 6 months whole time equivalent to complete your pre-2018 ATSM curriculum

Do ASMs carry a work intensity score?

No, unlike an ATSM an ASM does not carry a work intensity score.


Can I choose 4 or 5 ASMs to make up my own ATSM?

No, the ASMs that constitute an ATSM have been carefully selected to meet the criteria for an ATSM.


Why is the amniocentesis ASM optional?

At present the amniocentesis ASM within the Fetal Medicine ATSM is an optional ASM. In recognition that invasive procedures are now less frequently performed it is no longer a requirement to complete this amniocentesis ASM in order to be awarded the Fetal Medicine ATSM. If you intend to perform amniocentesis procedures then you should undertake this ASM and you should inform you supervisor at the outset. If you complete the ATSM and at a later date decide to undertake amniocentesis then the ASM may be completed post-CCT under the usual supervision as evidence of competency in the procedure.


Why has the Advanced Antenatal Practitioner ATSM been renamed as High Risk Pregnancy?

Of all of the Obstetric ATSMs it is the Advanced Antenatal Practitioner ATSM that has undergone the most radical reorganisation. It now includes a much wider range of competencies directed towards those pregnancies identified as being at high risk.


How will I achieve the ultrasound competencies with the Advanced Labour Ward Practitioner ATSM?

This change reflects the increasing use of ultrasound within the delivery suite coupled with the acquisition of basic ultrasound skills for all trainees at an early stage of training, The skill set chosen can be acquired under supervision out of hours but have also been selected as they should be easily achievable as transferable skills acquired within a non-acute setting such as within a maternity assessment or day unit, or ultrasound assessments prior to induction of labour. 


May I register for one or more ASM across different ATSM?

No, you may only register for an entire ATSM in the usual way. This will unlock those ASMs that make up your ATSM choices.


The same ASM appears in both of my ATSM choices, do I need to duplicate the logbook evidence?

No, if an ASM is duplicated across your ATSM choices then you only need to complete that ASM logbook once. Once completed your supervisor can mark the duplicate ASM logbook as completed.


Can I undertake individual ASMs alongside my 2 ATSM?

No, your focus should be on acquiring the 2 ATSMs required for awarding your certificate of completion of training (CCT).


I have completed one or both of my ATSM can I now register for individual ASM?

Your training programme is only required to deliver training towards 2 ATSMs. However, it is often the case that once one of your ATSMs is completed this will free up some of your work intensity score allowance and if there is sufficient capacity locally you may be able to undertake a third ATSM.

Registration of a third ATSM with the RCOG will unlock on ePortfolio all of its ASM components. You may decide to work towards the entire ATSM or only one or more of its ASM components. Prior to CCT you may request a certificate of completion for any ASM that you have completed within this third ATSM even if you have not completed the entire ATSM.


My training programme is completed and I am working as a consultant or as a non-training grade doctor. Am I able to register for ATSM or ASM?

You can register for either a complete ATSM or individual ASMs. The same regulations apply for ASM registration as for ATSMs: registration for an ATSM post-CCT or as a non-training grade doctor.

It is well recognised that once within a substantive post, undertaking an entire ATSM to completion is a significant challenge. Instead, the credentialing ASM approach now gives you the choice of aiming for the entire ATSM or just some of its ASM components. As each ASM component is completed this will be recognised and certificated by the RCOG. If you have already completed an ASM earlier in training then this does not need to be repeated.


Read introductory information on the new Obstetric ATSMs for 2018