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How to register for an ATSM during OOPT overseas

To apply for recognition of an ATSM completed during out of programme training (OOPT) overseas, you’ll need to:

Please read the College’s guidance on applying for OOP before starting the application process.

Application process

  • Complete your deanery's OOP form, signed by your Postgraduate Dean, Educational Supervisors and Head of the School of O&G
  • Complete the application form for recognition of the ATSM (PDF, 58 kb)
  • Ask the overseas Preceptor to complete the application form for approval of their institution as an ATSM training centre (PDF, 24 kb)
  • Send the forms to the Policy Coordinator (Advanced Training) at the RCOG
  • The RCOG’s ATSM Officer will liaise with the Chairs of the Curriculum Committee and the Specialty Education Advisory Committee to decide whether the ATSM will be recognised
  • The Chair of SEAC will confirm the decision to you in writing, copied to the ATSM Director and the Head of the School of O&G
  • If your request has been approved, the letter will also confirm the amount of time approved by SEAC as counting towards your CCT
  • You’ll then need to liaise with your deanery to submit an application to the GMC, accompanied by the supporting letter from the RCOG – only your local Postgraduate Dean can make the application to the GMC
  • If the GMC confirms the approval, they will send a letter to all parties, including the RCOG, for your files
  • When you return to the UK, the deanery ATSM Preceptor for the module will assess you to ensure you’ve reached the appropriate standard for the ATSM
  • The ATSM Preceptor will sign the completion form (Word document, 26 kb) and send it to the RCOG

Please note

  • Undertaking an ATSM overseas is not the prime objective of OOP experience and won’t be supported as such
  • You need to be working in programme in the UK to undergo your final ARCP, which should take place within 6 months of your CCT date

Find out more

If you need any help or advice, please email the Trainees’ Coordinator or call +44 20 7772 6348.

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