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How to register for an ATSM

To register for an ATSM, you need to apply prospectively to the RCOG.

Before applying

  • If you’re an NTN holder, you should discuss your ATSM plans at your ARCP at the end of year 4
  • If you’re an LAT (ST6/7 equivalent), you should discuss your ATSM plans at your ARCP
  • If you’re in a non-training grade, you should discuss your ATSM plans at your annual appraisal
  • All doctors need to consult with their deanery ATSM Director to confirm that training in the requested ATSM is available


Application process

This includes obtaining signatures from the people involved in the specific ATSM module:

  •  ATSM Educational Supervisor(s) in charge of that ATSM
  •  ATSM Preceptor(s) with responsibility for that module
  •  deanery Director of ATSMs

Send the completed registration form with all required signatures either as hard or an electronic copy to the Trainees' Coordinator at the RCOG:

Please see details on the Advanced Training registration fee and how to pay.


Find out more

If you need any help or advice, please email the Trainees' Coordinator at or call +44 20 7772 6348.


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