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Core Curriculum: CiP 4

Capability in Practice 4: The doctor is able to design and implement quality improvement projects or interventions.

This CiP is grouped under Professional Identity 1: Healthcare Professional.


Key Skills


Understands quality improvement (quality is safety, experience and efficacy)

  • Understands the difference between quality improvement and research.
  • Understands QI methodology such as Plan, Do, Study, Act cycles (PDSA).
  • Understands the concepts of big data and national clinical audit.
  • Appreciates the importance of stakeholders in QI work encouraging involvement with patient groups eg Maternity Voices Partnership.

Undertakes and evaluates impact of QI interventions

  • Is actively involved in QI initiatives (examples include: clinical audit, guideline development, implementation of national guidance, service improvement).
  • Considers the best way to share learning.
  • Evaluates quality improvement projects and how these can work at a local, regional and national level.


Evidence to inform decision

  • Local and Deanery Teaching
  • RCOG eLearning
  • Quality improvement project
  • Guideline development and implementation


Mapping to GPCs

Domain 1: Professional values and behaviours

Domain 2: Professional skills

  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Dealing with complexity and uncertainty

Domain 3: Professional knowledge

  • Professional requirements
  • National legislative structure
  • The health service and healthcare systems in the four countries

Domain 4: Capabilities in health promotion and illness prevention

Domain 5: Capabilities in leadership and teamworking

Domain 6: Capabilities in patient safety and quality improvement

  • Patient safety

Quality improvement