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Core Curriculum: CiP 7

Capability in Practice: The doctor is able to engage with research and promote innovation.

This CiP is grouped under Professional Identity 2: Researcher, Scholar and Educator


Key Skills


Demonstrates research skills


  • Understands principles of healthcare research and different methodologies.
  • Understands the principles of ethics and governance within research, follows guidelines on ethical conduct and consent for research.
  • Understands the use of informatics, statistical analysis and emerging research areas.
  • Performs literature searches, interrogates evidence and communicates this to colleagues and patients.
  • Has the ability to translate research into practice.

Demonstrates critical thinking

  • Critically evaluates arguments and evidence.
  • Can communicate and interpret research evidence in a meaningful, unbiased way to support informed decision making.


  • Open to innovative ideas and considering views of women.
  • Shows initiative by identifying problems and creating solutions.
  • Supports change by ability to reach a consensus.
  • Understands the value of failure in innovation.


Evidence to inform decision

  • Local and Deanery Teaching
  • RCOG eLearning
  • Critical appraisal / journal club presentation
  • GCP certificate  
  • Involvement in recruitment for multicentre trials
  • APM in Clinical Research
  • Peer reviewed publications
  • Oral and poster presentations


Mapping to GPCs

Domain 1: Professional values and behaviours

Domain 2: Professional skills

  • Practical skills
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Dealing with complexity and uncertainty

Domain 3: Professional knowledge

  • Professional requirements
  • National legislative structure
  • The health service and healthcare system in the four countries

Domain 5: Capabilities in leadership and team working

  • Promoting a culture of learning and academic and professional critical enquiry

Domain 6: Capabilities in patient safety and quality improvement

  • Quality improvement

Domain 8: Capabilities in education and training

Domain 9: Capabilities in research and scholarship