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Evidence required for CiPs in the Core Curriculum

The philosophy of the new curriculum is about quality of evidence rather than quantity, and a move away from absolute numbers of workplace based assessments (WBAs) and the tick-box approach. The new training matrix demonstrates this.

The CiP guides developed are available for trainers and trainees to give information about what would be appropriate evidence at different stages of training CiP guides on RCOG eLearning.

Rules for CiPs:

  1. There must be some evidence linked to each CiP in each training year to show development in the CiP area.
  2. In each stage of training (Basic ST1-2, Intermediate ST3-5, Advanced ST6-7) the expectation is that there should be a minimum of one piece of evidence linked to each key skill for all clinical and non-clinical CiPs. This evidence needs to be appropriate for the stage of training.

The above text has been included for reference purposes to the Matrix of Educational Progression.


Last updated March 2020