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TO1 form guidance

You need to collate a minimum of 10 TO1 forms (send out more than 10 requests to ensure you receive an adequate number of responses).

You’ll need to include:

  • Your current supervising consultant(s) – at least 3
  • Senior members of nursing and midwifery staff in different clinical areas – e.g. antenatal setting, labour ward, gynaecological wards and outpatient clinics, theatres (both obstetric and gynaecological) – at least 3
  • Trainees – at least 3 (at all levels)
  • Senior clinician from other specialties outside of O&G – at least 1
  • Specific individuals as directed by ARCP panel objectives.
  • TO1s should not be completed by a single person on behalf of a group.
  • The process for completing TO1 forms is managed through your ePortfolio and works as follows:
    • As a default the trainee should send out TO1s, although the ES can send on behalf of the trainee after discussion together
    • You send out the forms using the Ticket Request function in the ePortfolio
    • You’ll be able to see the number of forms that have been completed, but not the content; only your Educational Supervisor and College Tutor can see the content. If you have a concern or query about the content of a TO1 you can request this to be released in a non-anonymised form.


Last updated March 2020