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Implementation updates

The new Core Curriculum is now approved by the General Medical Council and we have submitted the reformatted advanced training curricula (ATSMs and Subspecialties) to the GMC in the new outcomes-based format.

The content of the advanced curricula is fundamentally unchanged from the current version in terms of knowledge criteria and clinical content.

The Definitive Documents for the advanced curricula are available under Key documents and resources, but please note that these must be regarded as DRAFT until the GMC has confirmed approval. This is likely to be by the end of July 2019.

The RCOG is communicating with key stakeholders and these communications are available for reference here. More communications will be added as they are issued.

Implementation note 2

Transition guidance for deaneries: Moving to the new Curriculum 2019

Implementation note 3

Transition guidance for deaneries: First ARCPs post-transition

Implementation note 4

Transfer Do's And Don'ts: Moving to the new Curriculum 2019

Implementation note 5

ST6/7 and Non-training Grade Doctors: Moving to the new Curriculum 2019