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Implementation note 12

Advice for trainees on adding NES ePortfolio evidence PDFs to the ePortfolio “other evidence” area for ARCP panels

On 12 November 2019 a data protection breach was identified in relation to the Training Evaluation Form (TEF) data transferred to the new Training ePortfolio. We are committed to prioritising the cleansing of the zip file of the TEF data as soon as possible for all trainees and anticipate that this work will be completed by Friday 6 December 2019. In the interim, the College has temporarily blocked access to this file by individuals other than the trainee ePortfolio user.

We are aware that trainees who are about to have an ARCP within the next month need this file to be visible to Educational Supervisors, Training Programme Directors, College Tutors and Heads of School. This is because the file contains important evidence about training and should be available to supervisors to complete the Educational Supervisors report and subsequently inform the ARCP panel.

Whilst the cleansing of the zip files takes place the RCOG  have introduced some new functionality on the Training ePortfolio to enable the TEF data to be removed  from zip files and uploaded to the Other Evidence folder so that  these important documents can be shared with  educational supervisors and the ARCP panel. Please note that this is a temporary solution while a full data cleanse of the zip files is completed by the College.

If you have an ARCP prior to the 6th December please contact the ePortfolio team on and ask for their assistance with making your zip file available via this method. Requests will be prioritised according to ARCP date and may take 3 working days or more to be completed. Please note we have also asked Heads of School to confirm if ARCPs are scheduled over the next four weeks, and if so, confirm the names of the trainees due to be reviewed.

Please be assured that Heads of School will be helpful and pragmatic in their approach to imminent ARCPs and the evidence that is required. Please contact your Head of School if you have any immediate concerns or issues about your imminent ARCP.

Please contact the RCOG ePortfolio team on if you have any questions relating to this.


Guidance for ARCP Panel, TPD, Educational Supervisor, etc. on how to access files once they have been uploaded to the other evidence folder:

  1. Select search from the top-right corner of the screen:


  1. Under “Search”, type the relevant trainee’s name or GMC number or, if know, their ePortfolio username:


  1. Click “Search” – the trainees evidence PDF(s) should then appear
  2. Click “Read more” under the relevant entry
  3. Scroll down to “File evidence”, then click on the PDF under “Files” to open it