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Implementation note 2

Transition guidance for deaneries: Moving to the new Curriculum 2019

This note is based on the outputs from the Curriculum Training Day on 24 May 2019. It is intended to help deaneries plan their management of the transition to the new ePortfolio. If you have any other suggestions or comments, please let us know.


Raising awareness

  1. Deaneries should consider appointing a Curriculum Champion – this could be the TPD, Head of School, College Tutor or some other educational faculty member. This individual could be the “go-to” person for triaging queries from Educational Supervisors and trainees, and could liaise with the RCOG. Note that each deanery already has two ePortfolio Champions. Together, these could constitute the local Curriculum Leadership Team. Each hospital could also be asked to nominate a trainee to be the “go-to” person for ePortfolio queries.
  2. All RCOG information, including links to the Curriculum 2019 website and the Education Package, should be cascaded as soon as possible to all Education Supervisors and trainees, along with details of local Curriculum Leadership Team.
  3. Following cascade of the RCOG information, Deaneries should organise initial training events for Education Supervisors and trainees. These could be separate or together. There is a slide pack in the Education Package for deaneries to use for such events, and RCOG would be happy to share more information from the recent Curriculum Day. Training days could follow the pattern of the recent training event at the RCOG, whereby the first session outlines the principles and features of the new curriculum, and the second session is workshop-based, looking at particular scenarios for ARCP progression, getting WBA signed-off, how to use the CiP Tracker or other topics.
  4. A further training session could be arranged for after 31 October, when all trainees and ePortfolio users should have transferred.
  5. Awareness of the new Curriculum should be reviewed at appraisal or ARCP.
  6. RCOG has provided a FAQ page. Deaneries could consider putting together their own FAQs and put on line.


Data transfer

  1. PDFs from the NES ePortfolio will be transferred to the new ePortfolio, so trainees should not need to make their own back-ups. We understand that some deaneries are advising their trainees to do this, but it is not necessary to do so as everyone with an ePortfolio trainee account will have their information transferred.  Trainees may wish to download certain items as this will then enable them to collate them in a way that is meaningful to them, e.g. the ARCP forms. PDFs will be available as one document for the whole training period and forms by training year.
  2. Trainees should be advised to check as soon as possible after transfer that their data has been transferred over and to let RCOG asap know if it has not been. Trainees will be contacted by the RCOG after their ARCPs with arrangements for log-in to the new ePortfolio.
  3. Transfers will be scheduled by the RCOG once they have the names of those who have had ARCPs from deanery administrators. It is essential that this information is provided as soon as possible after ARCP so that the transfer process can proceed smoothly, as there is an upper limit of 50 records per day that can be transferred, and any delays will impact on the overall timetable. The ePortfolio team will be in close communication with the deanery administrators throughout the period.
  4. Education Supervisors have received an email with log-in details. Supervisors will not be able to see their trainees when logging into the new system initially, but they will be added and will become visible in due course.  Education Supervisors should be aware that when their trainee has had their ARCP their details will become visible on the ePortfolio. It is recommended that trainees contact their Education Supervisors when they have been transferred.
  5. All trainers will retain access to the NES system up until 31st October, due to the phased trainee migration, so it will still be possible to access trainee records and extract the record of "Filled Forms", i.e. the record of assessments that have been completed for trainees through the NES Training ePortfolio, up until this point. If a trainer wishes to extract the record of their Filled Forms, they will need to manually download this from the NES system through Profile > My Filled Forms > Download Report prior to 31 October – this will produce an Excel-compatible file. If a trainee has transferred to the new ePortfolio, the Education Supervisor will only have access to the forms that they have personally completed with the trainee, not the full account.


Checking that everyone has what they need

  1. Educational Supervisors should be encouraged to do an initial review with their trainees and to make a plan of what needs to be achieved in the new curriculum as soon as possible after they have transferred and by the 31 October deadline at the latest, to ensure that they have all they need and that they are able to use the new ePortfolio. The trainee’s total number of competent summative OSATS from the NES system will need to be entered into the first Supervisor’s Report, prior to the first ARCPs on the new system. This total will then remain static in subsequent Supervisor’s Reports, so that the ES can view which summative OSATS the trainee is completing on the new system alongside those completed on the old system.
  2. ST6/7 trainees will need to declare which core curriculum they are planning to follow. If they decide to remain on the old curriculum, they will be able to record their advanced competencies on the form provided in the ePortfolio. They should be strongly encouraged to transfer to the new curriculum.
  3. Individuals who are not having an ARCP in the transition period will need to be separately monitored by the local Curriculum Leadership Team. RCOG will be liaising with deaneries separately.


Timing of the process for different groups of trainees

  1. To help deaneries plan and to be aware of the requirements for each group of trainees, the RCOG has produced a detailed ePortfolio Transfer Plan. This is available on the Curriculum 2019 website and attached for deanery use.


Summary of activities



Suggested timescale

Agree leadership for Curriculum 2019 in the deanery – Curriculum Champion, ePortfolio Champions

HoS/TPD/Deanery admin


Cascade all RCOG information, including links to the Curriculum 2019 website and Education Package, to ES and Trainees, with details of Deanery Curriculum leadership

HoS/TPD/Deanery admin

By end June

Organise initial training events for ES and trainees to take place by end October

Curriculum Leadership Team

By end July

Ensure awareness of new Curriculum at appraisal



Ensure all ES have completed Education Package

Curriculum Leadership Team

By end July

Check with ST6/7 which core curriculum they intend to use for the remainder of their training


From 1 Aug to 31 October

Transfer after ARCP – check data transferred


June to 31 October

Transfer after ARCP – interim assessment to see if trainees have all they need; manually enter total competent OSATS into new ePortfolio


As soon as possible after ARCP and by 31 October at the latest

Ensure RTW trainees have all they need if RTW after 31 October

Curriculum Leadership Team

After 31 October

Monitor all those not having an ARCP

Curriculum Leadership Team

June to 31 October



Education Team
June 2019