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Implementation note 4

Transfer Do's And Don'ts: Moving to the new Curriculum 2019

This note is based on various feedback we have received since the ePortfolio was first made available. Please disseminate this widely to trainers and trainees so that we can continuously improve the experience of transfer. It is intended to help deaneries plan their management of the transition to the new ePortfolio. If you have any other suggestions or comments, please let us know.



  • Do take time to review the information in your NES ePortfolio and decide if you want to download certain items separately, e.g. all ARCP forms or WBA related to a specific case. ARCP forms may be helpful to have as separate documents when you come to apply for CCT or CESR/CP.
  • Do remember that your personal library will be available in the new ePortfolio, contrary to earlier information.


  • Don't download all the information from your NES ePortfolio thinking that it will not be there in the new ePortfolio. It will be in PDF format, and guidance on how it is organised on the new ePortfolio.
  • Don't move your old assessments into the CIPs. If you have an outcome 3 you should have clear recommendations about what to achieve to move to an outcome 1. This may include specific assessments. Make sure you know how to access this evidence on the pdf from the old eportfolio as this will support you and your Educational Supervisor in completing the Educational Supervisors report for your next ARCP. The evidence will be available on the pdf (which is in sections) so whilst not ideal it will still be there. If you are not clear about what is required then ask do not wait until your next ARCP.
  • Don't think that after  you have been transferred on to the new ePortfolio you will have access to your old NES ePortfolio as all your information will have been transferred. The NES ePortfolio will be shut down on 31 October.
  • Don't worry if you are an ST6/7 doing ATSMs and have not heard anything. You will only be moved over in August once the Advanced Curricula have been approved by the GMC and are live on the new system. No trainee will have access to their information on the NES system after transfer to the new ePortfolio.





  • Don't waste time by mapping the old curriculum to the new CIPs. We are moving from one system to another fundamentally different one ad therefore there is really no point or benefit in this. The way that the transition process has been designed is to ensure that the ARCP is the pivotal criterion for transfer – i.e. everything that has been signed off before then remains signed off and does not need to be mapped to the CIPs.


Education Team
July 2019