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Implementation note 5

ST6/7 and Non-training Grade Doctors: Moving to the new Curriculum 2019

The purpose of this Note is to provide an update on the transition to the new ePortfolio for ST6s, 7s and non-training grade doctors. It will also be relevant to all educational supervisors.


Progress so far

  • The RCOG has been moving ST1-5 trainees in a sequential programme from the old to the new curriculum. So far no ST6s or 7s or non-training grade doctors have received their new ePortfolio log-ins.

What will happen next

  • ST6s and 7s who are already taking ATSMs will start to receive their log-in details from 7 August after their ARCPs, as this is the date when many trainees start their programmes. This will also apply to non-training grade doctors, and be done using the same process as for the core trainees.
  • Once you have access to your new ePortfolio, you will be able to see your full completed information transferred from the old ePortfolio. You will also have access to the Core Curriculum Capabilities in Practice and all supporting documentation, including workplace-based assessments and guidance. You will also have access to the old advanced curriculum items (dark pink boxes) if you are choosing to stay on the 2013 curriculum. You will not have access to your old ePortfolio.
  • The ATSM Capabilities in Practice and supporting guidance will be available from 30 August 2019, so there will be a gap between 7-30 August. If you wish to complete workplace-based assessments related to your ATSMs during this time, you can only do so by completing the current WBA templates on the RCOG website, listed below, and saving them for upload.  After 30 August, you will then be able to link the assessment to the relevant Key Skill/Capability in Practice. You should of course be able to complete assessments on the core curriculum.


Links to templates

OSATS (formative)

Mini-CEX (obstetrics)

Mini-CEX (gynaecology)

CbD (obstetrics)

CbD (gynaecology)

NOTSS (labour ward)

NOTSS (gynaecological surgery)

OSATS (summative)


Education Team
July 2019