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Implementation note 6

Moving to the new curriculum 2019

The purpose of this Note is to provide an update on significant new developments in moving to the new curriculum.



RCOG is delighted to confirm that the GMC has now confirmed approval for all ATSMs, ASMs and APM. This means that the full documentation can now be published and all resources made available to trainees and trainers on 30 August 2019. Approval of the subspecialty curricula is being dealt with separately. The full Definitive Document for ATSMs, ASMs and APM is now available under Key documents and resources.


ARCP form

The ARCP form to be used by all deaneries for all ARCPs from now on is now live and available to access in the ePortfolio.


Education Supervisors accounts

We are receiving a high volume of queries from Educational Supervisors about 2 issues.

  • All Supervisors were sent an email in May with their account details. We have recently resent this information to all supervisors who have an account but have not logged in to the ePortfolio. Please check your email if you have not already done so, as this email includes the information you will need to open your account on the new ePortfolio. You may also need to check your junk mail folder. Failing that, please email and details on how to access your account will be provided. However, please note that unsurprisingly we are having to address a large volume of queries, so this may take some time.
  • Some Supervisors are reporting that they cannot see the accounts of their trainees. This is because the new ePortfolio displays this information differently to the old ePortfolio. Further information on this is available in a guidance note on the RCOG eLearning website under the Curriculum 2019 training resource.


New guidance on what to do after transferring to the new eportfolio

Dr Sarah Dix of Wessex Deanery has produced a helpful guide for trainees on "What to do after transferring to the new ePortfolio", which is available on the RCOG eLearning website. The guide has been quality approved by the SEAC Chair.


Education Team
August 2019