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Implementation note 7

ePortfolio, ARCP and advanced training – Moving to the new curriculum 2019

The purpose of this Note is to provide an update on issues arising from trainers and trainees moving to the new ePortfolio and curriculum.


Query management

Not unexpectedly, there has been an increase in the number of queries which are received in three different ways. Firstly, queries that come to us as direct responses to official emails about the ePortfolio sent by our email system Dotmailer - these queries are captured in the system and forwarded to the ePortfolio inbox. Issues that have been raised this way include:

  • Advanced trainee
  • ARCP date change
  • Confirmation of willingness to transfer
  • Data download
  • Deanery change
  • Further information query
  • Maternity leave
  • Not ready to transfer
  • Leaving O&G
  • Log-in

The second way that queries are received is directly via the ePortfolio inbox. Queries are being managed according the following categories:

  • Access denied
  • Adding supervisor to trainee account
  • Assessments
  • ATSM new ePortfolio
  • ePortfolio registration details
  • Log-in issues/password
  • New account for other
  • New ES
  • No results when searched
  • PDF evidence NES ePortfolio
  • Rejected assessment
  • Update trainees post
  • Zip files

The third way that queries are received is by telephone. A system has been set up to ensure that calls can be responded to in a timely way, logging them according to categories and informing the ePortfolio Manager if a response is needed as soon as possible. Other messages will be forwarded to other team members depending on what the issue is.

We have put a number of measures in place to help reduce the queries as quickly as we can whilst maintaining strict controls on data accuracy in accordance with the RCOG Information Governance policy. We hope that the backlog can be substantially reduced over the next two weeks. We ask that trainees and trainers are patient, use our resources and talk to their local contacts (College Tutor, ePortfolio Champion and Head of School).


ePortfolio FAQs

We have created a new list of Frequently Asked Questions solely relating to the ePortfolio. Please see here for up-to-the-minute guidance on common issues being experienced such as:

  • General
  • Transfer including PDF from old ePortfolio
  • Log-in/access issues including Access denied
  • Advanced training
  • Assessment requests
  • Educational Supervisors

To help spread the word of the FAQs, we will share these via the College’s social media platforms to enable them to be discoverable by Trainees/Trainers and allay any queries or concerns. In addition, we will directly email Trainees with a link to FAQS and the reminder of all the resources available to support them as they transfer.



We are very grateful for everything the deanery administrators are doing to support the migration process. We have two important requests:

  • Make sure the dates sent for trainees’ ARCPs are correct as one of the most common queries we have is that the date we have been sent is wrong
  • Make sure the ARCP outcome is recorded as soon as possible after the ARCP and that the College is notified. This will become ever more important as we get nearer to 31 October.
  • Outcome 5 – if a trainee is awarded an Outcome 5 and the trainee has been moved to the new ePortfolio since the ARCP, the outstanding competencies can be accessed via the PDF migrated to the new ePortfolio. The ARCP panel/individual will review the evidence that the outstanding competencies have been achieved and will confirm this by email to the trainee. The trainee can then submit this email as evidence and the ES needs to support this.


Guidance for advanced trainees

Detailed guidance is now available for doctors in Implementation Note 8 who have already entered ST6 by 31 October 2019, who must use the newly reformatted ATSMs or subspecialty curricula but have the option of

  • moving to the new core curriculum


  • staying on the 2013 (old) core curriculum and completing the 30 advanced competencies.


Reminder of all our resources

The Curriculum 2019 web pages and the Curriculum 2019 online resource are the key places to look for information, including FAQs, guidance, ePortfolio and Implementation Notes. We keep these up-to-date and will be shortly embarking on changes to the main RCOG website to make it even easier for people to find what they are looking for.


Education Team
September 2019