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Subspecialty training

In the last 2 years of the training programme, trainees undertake subspecialty training or Advanced Training Skills Modules (ATSMs) to develop the high-level skills they will need for a consultant post in their specialist area of interest. The four subspecialty curricula are listed below.

This section of the website brings together everything you need to know about subspecialty training:


Subspecialty curricula

The available subspecialties are listed below. Each link provides everything you need to know about training in that subspecialty: curriculum, logbooks, assessment forms and any other relevant information.


Resources for trainers

Resources to help trainers deliver the subspecialty training programme are available in the ‘Resources & support for trainers’ section of the site, and include:


Find out more

If you have any questions about subspecialty training that aren’t answered on the website, please email the Advanced Training Coordinator at or call +44 20 7045 6789.


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