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Ultrasound module: Intermediate ultrasound of normal fetal anatomy


The RCOG introduced an updated curriculum and logbook for the intermediate ultrasound of normal fetal anatomy module in August 2014. Currently registered trainees and all new trainees need to follow the 2014 curriculum.

Conferences and courses



The RCOG has developed logbooks for the three intermediate ultrasound modules to supplement your ultrasound training. Logbooks facilitate good learning experiences for trainees, make trainees aware of what they have already achieved, and support reflective practice and discussion with the trainer when signing the trainee off.

Use of the logbooks is optional, but trainees already undertaking the intermediate ultrasound modules and those starting intermediate ultrasound training are encouraged to use the logbooks.


Workplace-based assessments (WPBAs)

For guidance on how WPBAs work, please go to the workplace-based assessments page.


You have to be competent in the following (click on each bullet point for full details):

OSATS forms


Ultrasound log of experience

Please use the ultrasound log of experience template (PDF 43kb) to record your procedures.

For information about how the competencies will be signed off, please read the explanation of sign-off of competency acquisition and the guidance on sign-off by ‘other methodologies’ (OM).


Module completion form


Find out more

If you need any help or advice, please read the ultrasound training FAQs, email the Trainees' Coordinator or call +44 20 7772 6348.


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