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FAQs for doctors: stages of the MTI process

More details for doctors about the stages of the MTI process


You don’t know if your MTI application was successful or not

If you submitted a completed application for the MTI within the deadline, it will be forwarded to the Assessment Panel. The Assessment usually takes place in January (however the RCOG reserves the right to change the date of assessment should it be necessary).

Collecting the results and finalising the list of successful MTI candidates can be a lengthy process, so please note that there is no fixed date by which you should hear from us. The selected applicants will be ranked according to the assessment scores and put on the placement list.

We will only be able to inform you about the outcome when we have an available post that we can offer you.

We strive to contact all of the successful candidates early enough so that they are ready to start work between July to September (or later if specified by the hospital or the UKVI and visa availability).

If you do not receive any communication from the MTI office before the end of September 2021, you should consider your application unsuccessful and consider applying next year.


Your colleague has received communication from the MTI office and you haven’t.

If you know someone who applied for the MTI has been contacted by us earlier, it does not necessarily mean you were unsuccessful. We will be in touch with you at the most appropriate and feasible time.


If you have not heard from us after knowing your application was successful.

We accept placement post requests from hospitals from January through to September. As these posts come through they will be reviewed and then matched with an MTI applicant in order of ranking. Once we have provisionally matched the post with an MTI applicant, we send the application pack to the hospital for review. The hospital can then either choose to offer a placement post subject to performance at interview (conditional offer) or offer a placement post outright (unconditional offer).

Therefore, if you have not heard from us, it may be that your application has been sent to a hospital, and we are awaiting their decision.

A delay may also occur if a hospital decided to withdraw the placement offer for any reason. In this case, we will attempt to place you somewhere else.

We ask you to be patient, and please be reassured that you will be informed as soon as we have further information.


If you are waiting for the interview with the hospital.

Once a hospital advises they would like to offer a conditional placement, RCOG MTI office will email the applicant copying in the hospital consultant and HR contact, to advise you accordingly. You should respond to this email if you wish to accept the conditional offer and liaise directly with the hospital to set up the date/time for interview.

Interviews should take place within 10 working days and the hospital will then advise MTI Office as to the outcome following interview. If accepted following interview we will send you a formal offer, if you accept this we will then send you the ‘Next Steps’ outlining what you need to do. If the hospital does not offer a post following interview the MTI Office will obtain constructive feedback on your interview performance and share with the MTI applicant within 10 working days of the interview. In this case, we will attempt to place you somewhere else provided the placement deadline has not expired.


What if I get matched but am not happy with the offer?

If you are matched with a hospital and subsequently receive a placement offer, we would expect you to accept this unless there are serious personal/family/career development reasons not to do so. If this is the case, please contact the MTI Office as soon as possible to discuss your concerns and ensure we can offer this placement to another doctor on the waiting list if appropriate. Please note that if you do not accept an offer and there are not legitimate grounds for this, the RCOG will not be able to offer you another placement under the MTI scheme.


What if I need to defer the start date of my MTI placement post?

Applicants can only defer the start of their MTI placement where there are extenuating circumstances and the deferral is subject to the agreement of the hospital making the placement offer.

This process is governed by the RCOG MTI Extenuating Circumstances Policy (PDF 480kb).

Please note that if there are not extenuating circumstances and the hospital does not agree to defer the start date, the RCOG will not be able to offer the applicant another placement under the MTI scheme.

If you have any queries contact the RCOG MTI Office


If you started your GMC application / have questions regarding GMC registration.

Once you register with the GMC online and pay the full registration fee, the GMC will send you an email with the list of documents you are required to send. Please copy/scan these documents and send them to us via email to as a pdf bundle.

One of the documents listed is the Certificate of Sponsorship form (CoS) from an authorised sponsor (RCOG). This document will be issued for you and we will forward this directly to the GMC, copying you into the email. You will then hear from the GMC about next steps within 2 weeks. Please follow all of the GMC’s instructions. Please note that the RCOG CoS is not the Certificate of Sponsorship you will later need for the visa application.

If you have questions regarding GMC registration, please contact the GMC directly. The RCOG is not qualified to offer this advice and does not have access to the forms. GMC registration is the applicant's responsibility.


If you received an email from the GMC granting you full licence to practice.

Once you receive this email from the GMC, you will be invited to schedule an ID check. Please follow the instructions carefully and forward this email to us. If you are unsure about the date you are planning to start work, check with the hospital. For most doctors, this is in the first two weeks of August, but it is not uncommon to start later. Schedule your appointment accordingly. The majority of MTI doctors have their ID checks a few days before/after their start date.

Your next step will be applying for the visa. In order to apply for the visa, you will need a Certificate of Sponsorship (which is not the same CoS that the RCOG issues for the GMC). The visa sponsorship is issued by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC). Please note that AoMRC have introduced a ticketing system, which means there may be an additional delay in obtaining your CoS. This is a Home Office regulation regarding the limit of CoS issued each month.


If you are waiting for the Certificate of Sponsorship to apply for the visa.

In order to receive the Certificate of Sponsorship, the Academy requires specific documentation from the RCOG. These forms are filled by your employer (hospitals and Deaneries). It can take considerable time for the hospitals to complete and return these to the MTI. Please be patient and reassured that we are doing everything we can to speed this process up. We ask you to please refrain from contacting us about the CoS during this time, as we are not able to reply to these queries.

Once we have received all the required documents, we will include you in the CoS email request to the Academy. There is nothing you are required to do at this stage.


After you receive your Certificate of Sponsorship.

Before applying for the Tier5 visa using the CoS, please check it for any spelling mistakes or errors, and ensure all details match with those in your current passport. If you spot a mistake, please let us know by emailing and we will request the CoS be amended accordingly. We are not responsible for errors on your visa and we will not be able to help if you submit an incorrect CoS.

Once the CoS is corrected, please use this to apply for the visa using the CoS. For any questions regarding visa application please contact the visa advisor in your country or UKVI. The RCOG is not qualified to give visa advice.