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FAQs for UK hospitals

Answers to frequently asked questions for UK hospitals providing a placement for a MTI doctor


How does the MTI process work?

We have created a flow chart to help hospitals to understand the process of enabling an MTI doctor to come to the UK. It can appear complicated at first, but the RCOG sends clear instructions which will ensure the doctor arrives on time to start work. If paperwork is not processed on time, this will result in a delay to the doctor starting work which could have severe implications for the hospital as well as the doctor and their family. We urge that hospitals process the paperwork for the doctors as quickly as possible to ensure a smooth process.


Does the RCOG undertake background checks, police record checks, etc?

No, it is the responsibility of the hospital to ask the doctor for any background checks that they require as their future employer. This is specified in detailed information sent to the doctor and the hospital by the RCOG at the beginning of the process.


Does the RCOG interview the doctor?

The doctor is interviewed in their home country by the Chair of our International Representative Committee in that country. In the unlikely event that there is no IRC in their country, we accept an interview from a senior RCOG Fellow instead.

Once hospitals have reviewed prospective applications, we strongly encourage them to interview candidates via Skype. This is a process that we introduced in 2014 and it has been very successful and popular among hospitals as a way to evaluate communication skills.


We need a doctor to start with us as soon as possible – is this feasible?

Realistically, the process of assessing and then enabling an MTI doctor to come to the UK and start work takes around three months. The RCOG will be conducting a formal assessment of applications for 2017 entry at the end of February. After this, we will send applications to the hospitals that have already expressed an interest in offering a doctor a post. From this point, the earliest we can expect a doctor to be able to arrive in the UK is May. Please note that your hospital must pay the MTI fee (£2500 per placement offered) prior to be allocated a doctor. We will not be able to send you the application pack of a doctor unless we receive the payment. 


We have identified a doctor who we would like to join our hospital on the scheme – is this allowed?

Yes, we are happy to allow doctors that already have a connection with a certain hospital in the UK to join the scheme. However, this doctor will need to go through exactly the same rigorous assessment as all other MTI trainees for fairness and transparency. We will give the hospital our assessment of the candidate and it will be the hospital’s final decision as to whether they would like to proceed with providing the doctor a post. This form of allocation of placements can happen at the time of the MTI application opening, before the deadline set for hospitals (end of March 2018).


We don’t have any experience of MTI – are we obligated to provide a position for the full two years if there are significant problems?

We encourage all hospitals and MTI doctors to communicate any issues to us as early as possible and the RCOG will endeavour to support the hospital and doctor to overcome any problems. However, if the difficulties cannot be overcome and the hospital feels the need to terminate an MTI doctor’s contract, the hospital, as the doctor’s employer is able to do this. We recommend hospitals to allow at least three months for the doctor to demonstrate the improvements before making the decision about termination of the contract.


How to manage requests for transfer of MTI placement?

Requests for transfer of placements for non-educational reasons (preference for particular geographic location/ family relocation) will not be supported. As trainees are aware that they are placed for 24 months in a particular trust at the time of accepting the MTI placement, it would not be acceptable to facilitate transfers for non-educational reasons. The RCOG will therefore not support transfer of CoS in these cases.

In the rare cases where a transfer on educational grounds is made, the process to manage transfer requests (PDF 443kb) will apply.