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Information for UK hospitals

This page of the site provides an introduction to the Medical Training Initiative (MTI) scheme for UK hospitals.

Offering an MTI trainee a post at your hospital

We encourage UK consultants to offer training placements for International Medical Graduates. Not only does the experience have an enormous positive impact upon the doctor, it also provides a great opportunity for units in the UK to learn from their international colleagues and share experiences and surgical knowledge. The RCOG provides educational guidance and support. Trainees on the MTI scheme have access to the Training ePortfolio for training and monitoring purposes.

For more information, please read:

MTI Hospital Placement form

MTI Hospital Placement

If you’d like to offer an MTI trainee a post at your hospital, please download the MTI Hospital Placement MOU form (Word document, 906 kb). This form must be completed and returned to

The 2017 round is now open; please submit the Placement MOU form (Word document, 890 kb) together with a purchase order to MTI before second week of March 2017. The next placements start in August 2017.

Update for 2017: Charges to hospitals

For the College to ensure a quality service to both hospitals and doctors, in 2016, it began implementing a charge to hospitals for placing a doctor in post. This charge was introduced to enable the RCOG to maintain a high standard of assessment, induction and ongoing mentorship/support in view of the rising number of doctors coming on to the scheme.

The charge to hospitals per placement offered in 2017 is increased to £2500 plus VAT.

All hospitals are required to submit payment to the RCOG immediately after submitting the forms within this document and on receipt of an invoice from the College. Hospitals who withdraw their placement from the scheme will not be reimbursed.

Charges are per placement per doctor so hospitals who offer more than one placement will be charged per placement offered.

End of placement/Transfer to another hospital

You will need to complete an MTI exception report which will be submitted to the MTI department at the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges if an MTI trainee in your hospital:

  • Has reached the end of their placement
  • Has resigned
  • Has been absent from work for more than 10 days without permission
  • Has been dismissed
  • Is moving to a different hospital within your trust
  • Has breached the terms and conditions of their leave
  • Has been engaged in criminal activity

Download the form (PDF, 139 kb), complete it and email it to


If an MTI doctor is moving to a different hospital within the Deanery the Transfer Form (PDF, 144 kb) must be completed and returned to together with a copy of doctor’s passport and visa.