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Reflect on a difficult communication episode

This is one of the recommendations from the ‘individual’ section of the RCOG/RCM undermining toolkit.

Reflect on a difficult communications episode

When a feedback episode goes wrong, there is a tendency to ignore it as the trainer may fear being reported for bullying, and the trainee may feel they have shown weakness. However, reflection could improve resilience, awareness and insight.

Best practice

  • Both parties should reflect on the episode and share these reflections
  • This can be done informally and verbally, but also by sharing reflections in writing
  • Both parties could complete the form below separately and then come together for joint reflection
  • The forms can then be added to the trainee’s record
  • The trainer can add their reflections and the joint reflections to their appraisal documentation

A trainer or trainee who never has a communication breakdown may not be a positive indicator. If a trainer is completing forms with all their trainees and the frequency of communications breakdowns does not reduce, this may indicate that the trainer is not improving.

Reflection form

This documentation is based on a significant event form but with a few prompts to help both trainees and trainers.

The spaces in the form indicate where to record your reflection, but don’t define the amount of reflection needed in each section.

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