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Unit, trust and local education provider interventions

This area of the website provides resources to help deal with bullying and undermining at a hospital or trust level, as part of the RCOG/RCM undermining toolkit. The author of this section is Sandra McNeil.


This section of the undermining toolkit highlights interventions that whole trusts or hospitals can implement to address inappropriate workplace behaviours. There is some overlap between interventions that can be implemented organisation-wide and those that work well in individual departments, so please also read the section on departmental interventions

Bullying and harassment of any kind are in no-one’s interest and should not be tolerated in the workplace. Bullying and harassment are not only unacceptable on moral grounds but may, if unchecked or badly handled, create serious problems for an organisation including:

  • Poor morale and poor employee relations
  • Loss of respect for managers and supervisors
  • Poor performance
  • Lost productivity
  • Absence
  • Resignations
  • Damage to trust’s/hospital’s reputation
  • Tribunal and other court cases and payment of unlimited compensation

It cannot be emphasised too greatly that much of the success of the proposed interventions lies in the leadership of the organisation. Empowering staff to have zero tolerance of poor behaviour and dealing firmly but fairly and effectively with those who transgress is the key to success.

Leaders must influence the organisational culture positively, acting as role models to ensure all staff are treated with dignity and respect at work. The evidence is clear: organisations that pay attention to staff wellbeing will have staff who will look after their patients, with significantly improved quality of patient care.



We are keen to continue to develop the undermining toolkit. If you have any additional good practice examples and resources that you think would be useful, please email Sakinah Takeram at


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