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Workplace Behaviour Toolkit

Welcome to our Workplace Behaviour Toolkit

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Tools for individuals

Tools for departments and trusts

Tools for Workplace Behaviour Champions

Workplace behaviour and 'calling it out'

About this toolkit

This resource was developed in collaboration with RCOG, Royal College of Midwives, Civility Saves Lives and Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

The toolkit is comprised of 8 modules, designed to be user-centred.

It includes tools to:

  • support the development of positive workplace culture
  • support you when you encounter poor workplace behaviours
  • strengthen your skills and confidence in 'speaking up'
  • promote an understanding of what poor workplace behaviour looks like and its impact on individuals, teams, organisations and importantly the women and families we care for.


The RCOG and RCM would like to thank those who contributed to the creation of this toolkit, and all those who have shared their real-life experiences with us.

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Thank you for visiting our Workplace Behaviour Toolkit, we hope you find it useful. If you have any questions or feedback about the toolkit, please contact